What is Healthy Moment Monday?

What is Healthy Moment Monday?

Getting access to healthy, convenient, and affordable food options for lunch in St. John's (and throughout the province, for that matter) is difficult.  That's why we created LunchIn.  However, what about everything else?  Breakfast?  Dinner?  Easy access to other local food options?  Finding professional services for guidance, like personal chefs, nutritionists, dietitians, holistic practices?  The list goes on....

That's why we created Healthy Moment Monday.

Check back on the first Monday of every month and we will shed a little more light on ways you can access healthy options in the city. We'll feature amazing businesses, new business owners, and amazing products and services that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. PLUS, we'll give you a discount for a featured product or service that you can use that month.  Who doesn't love a good discount?

For the first post, we have something really cool to tell you about; it's a new business idea that is launching next month and could really help shape your access to local food products from all over the province, not just your home town or city.

We'll see you then!