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OCTOBER: Support Mitchell in WCBT Championship!

Mitchell is a really good bowler! We mean, REALLY good! He recently placed 5th in a national tournament, and is now driven to get to the Western Canadian Bowling Tour (WCBT) in Edmonton, next month, to try again. With your help, we want to make sure he gets there.

About Mitchell

Mitchell is an amazing LunchIn delivery driver! For anyone that gets the pleasure of having him deliver your lunch, you know that he loves to brighten your day every time he sees you. However, he sometimes has a lot of difficultly brightening his own day. Mitchell regularly struggles with his mental health, but to cope, he often finds refuge at the bowling alley.

Last month, Mitchell came to us for support to help him follow his passion to Edmonton. We thought we'd go a step further and ask you to join us in supporting him!

Mitchell needs to raise $500 for the tournament ($400 registration, plus $100 for a jersey). Please show him your support by selecting a sponsorship option to the right, then in return, you will receive one or more of the rewards listed, below.

Sponsorship Rewards

$5 or more

Get listed on our Thank-you announcement (website, email and Facebook page)

$10 or more

Receive $1 in LunchIn credit (use credits on LunchIn services)

$25 or more

Receive a thank-you card, signed by Mitchell and the rest of the LunchIn staff, and get $5 off your next order

$50 or more

Get two free lunches!

$100 or more

Get a free 1-week subscription (5 free lunches)!

NOTE: for corporate sponsors, get your logo on Mitchell's jersey

About the Youth Arts & Fitness Program

Inspired by Mitchell's story, we wanted to do something more. At LunchIn, we believe in "delivering healthy moments". Healthy moments go beyond food and nutrition, including fitness and mental health. So, we want to do our part to promote healthy moments to everyone in St. John's and Mount Pearl. That includes our youth.

The Youth Arts & Fitness Program is an initiative that we are launching to give youth, who struggle with mental health issues, an opportunity to do more of what makes them happy. We'd like to start with Mitchell, one of our own.

Throughout the year, our goal is to open this opportunity to other youth in the city, where we would give $500-$1,000 to a young person inspired to try something new (or keep doing more of that thing they love doing most). The money can be used to sign up for a gym membership, an arts program, or a trip to the Western Canadian Bowling Tour!

We believe in delivering healthy moments. To everyone.